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These are mp3's: Public Schools Blues and What They Gonna Do With Me and You? and Only One Reason and Holy Ghost Help Us

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Protect The Seed

Get Thee Behind Me Satan

Government Orgasm License

The Blood Splattered Banner

Calling Abraham and Jesus

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The Jordan River Blues

Judgment Day Is Coming: Rumors that this video causes seizures have not been proven

OBAMA Caught in Fellatio

Paul Hill Remembered by Jonathan O'Toole

The Dead Baby Blues

Notice that the songs you see here are nothing like the songs allowed to be played in the vast numbers of Christian churches across this nation.

And why won't you hear these songs in the churches? Almost with one voice the Pastors of this land say that these songs are angry songs. And then they insinuate that the Lord Jesus Christ would not be angry in this nation today. The Pastors boldly proclaim a "gospel" of love.

But who are they "loving"? Do they show love to the babies who are going to be butchered legally in this nation tomorrow? In fact those Pastors, by their teaching and by their actions prove that the Jesus they serve is willing to tolerate the legalized slaughter of the least of His children INDEFINITELY. That much is clear.

Will you resist your Pastor in setting that example? Will you refuse to continue to ignore the babies being led to the slaughter tomorrow? One way you can resist is to help us get these songs heard by every Christian in the USA.

How can you do that? You tell us! Email your ideas to Do it now while the Holy Ghost has pricked your heart. If you don't do it now, Satan has a nation of people who call themselves Christians who are prepared to do everything in their power to keep these songs from being heard. Resist the devil and he will flee. Ignore me and you will grieve and quench the Holy Ghost of God I appeal to in the song below:

Go here to understand what God teaches about anger in times like these.

Fight For the Word of God

Woman Hang Your Head

Lyrics Here

My Name Is Person

The Supreme Humpty Dumpty Court

See New Uncle Sam in Incaland

Anti-Secular Government Jesus Is His Name

The Old Rugged Cross Today

Mother Teresa

The Devil Got America

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